Corporate Social Responsibility

We consider ourselves a part of the Society. The tenet of fulfilling the social responsibilities is scrupulously practiced by the organization.

We believe in philosophy of being well of the people and contribute to social as well as national cause by extending assistance to institutions and welfare organizations.

The activities undertaken by us are spread across India and reach well beyond our business locations.

Arranging Safe Drinking Water

We have developed a network for arranging the safe drinking water within the vicinity of factory. thereby ensuring the health of the villagers and an ease to the working rural women.

Animal Welfare

We believe that animals should not be regarded as property and any use of animals by humans is unacceptable. We sponsor the organizations for health & food for the animals.

Environmental Equilibrium

We have developed the gardens and undertaken the plantations within and surrounding the administrative head quarters of dhar, That controls the pollution and controlling the environmental equilibrium.

Promotion of Sports

Our country has immense talents in the sports sector. We strongly believe that no talent should be discouraged due to lack of money.

Promotion of Education

We believe for education of deprived part of the society. We target to the area in which educational infrastructure are not available and contribute for development and restoration of educational institutes.

Promotion of Arts and Protection

We sponsor for promotion of traditional Art and have worked in restoration of heritage theatre by contributing to institutions and organizations.