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Great Galleon Ventures Limited prides itself in catering to the growing demands of the local and overseas markets. With an approximate production of 1,50,000 cases IMFL per month, we have not yet started and our full potential is yet to be realized which, we are sure to surpass in very near future as we have, in abundance, the faith and trust of our existing customers and clients. This is our strength and this strength has given us required push to excel in this industry. We are located in the heart of our beloved India in Madhya Pradesh at Lebad chowki near Dhar district, some 60 kilometers from the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, i.e. Indore. In addition to this, we do have a by-product of DDGS which equally accepted by the Animal Feed industry. With huge quantity of retail outlets, particularly in Madhya Pradesh, where our products are being distributed throughout Madhya Pradesh, and also in Delhi retail market, where we have become a presence to be vouched for.

Trusted Centre

Great Galleon Ventures Limited is a Company that wins trust of people through its quality in products, people and perception. The structure of the management and that of production team had weathered many a storm and always came out shining. Building trust is not a one time job; it is a constant maneuver and the Company while believing strongly in that never shies away from its embedded characteristics.

Innovative Approach

Beaten down paths and methods have given the Company a foot hold but embracing new ideas and innovative approach in producing most sensitive product has given the Company an edge which culminates in scaling new heights for the Company. There is always a tendency to look for an alternative method, a different approach while maintaining the basic instilled character and this has given the Company a space which makes daily chores an interesting creation of nothing less than an art.

Hygiene Matters

Being in a potable drink business makes it a responsibility and an onus on the Company to adhere to hygienically practices when it comes to produce the liquor. The plant and the people working there are trained in such a way that the hygiene has become a second nature which gets reflected in the quality of the product and the well being of our customers, which had always been of paramount importance to the Company.

Infinite Reach

Great Galleon Ventures target customers in and outside state. We have now embarked upon international market in order to spread taste and flavor of our brands to the international palates. We have shipped our long domiciled liquor brands like “Goa Gold Whisky”, “Ritz Gold Reserve Whisky” and “Goa Gold Triple Distilled Grain Vodka” to offshore destinations recently and are sure to have a globe presence in big way.

What We Do

Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL)

We are a leading name in Indian Made Foreign Liquor industry. We successfully understand the customer need in Indian market and strive to provide high quality products in all segments including whisky, rum, brandy, vodka and gin, etc. To maintain high standards of quality and hygiene of our products, for bottling we have and its delivery we have specialized skilled team. Since past years we have successfully created products in alcoholic beverages portfolio that are moving to top lists today.

Extra Neutralized Alcohol (ENA)

We are a leading manufacturer of grain-based ENA and producing more than 1.50 lacs BL per day. The best quality grain alcohol without any impurities is being supplied in PAN India market. Our quality has become a talking point in the growing market of IMFL in India. The highly distilled spirit used in manufacturing of Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Gin, and Brandy has made our presence felt in this competitive market only because of uncompromising attitude towards the quality. The spirit we produce though being used in manufacturing of IMFL brands but also in demand from various non-alcoholic industries like fruit beverages, pharmaceutical industries, cosmetic industries and the list is never-ending.

Distillers Dried Grain Soluble (DDGS)

We are a leading company that also deals in Distillers Dried Grain Soluble, which is a by-product of alcohol manufacturing process. This is extremely useful as an animal feed as it wisely combine high nutrient feed ingredient. It is a preferable animal feed because it is rich in energy and protein supplement. It is a right mix of corn, rice and other grains.

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