The company has, down the years, gathered reputation and is a brand name in the field of manufacturing of


Extra Neutralized Alcohol (ENA)


Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL)


Country Liquor (CL)


Distillers Dried Grain Soluble (DDGS)

The company has installed full-fledged bottling section having total 16 numbers of Bottling Lines, Out of which 7 have been put to bottle IMFL and 9 lines are used for country liquor purposes.

Good Quality

The Bottling unit of the company is bottling Good Quality Blends like Safari RUM, GOA RUM, GOA Whisky, GOA GIN, High Ball Tango, 999 Whisky, KING Whisky, KING GIN etc.


The Unit is capable to maintain consistency in quality of Extra Neutralized Alcohol, which is undoubtedly a product of Multi Grains; used by best Brands in the World.

GOA Brand

The GOA brand is the leading segment in the state of Madhya Pradesh in fine range. This segment of the company enjoys 52% (approx) market share of this range.

Ritz Whisky

The Unit is also developing blends in premium segment like ‘RITZ Premium Whisky’, ‘On the Rocks’ Whisky’ and also upgrading GOA Segment. Volume - 42.8% Ingredients

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